Its Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I have a few things to say

  1. This post is not a story. It’s not even a real post
  2. This post is dedicated to everyone who’s read any of my stories since I started Le Halcyon. I really appreciate your views. Please leave comments, let me know what you think!
  3. Also, please click the follow button at the bottom of the page to be notified whenever I have a new post up. And follow my social media pages!

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  1. I hope everyone got and showed some love today. I had a conference call with my two younger sisters at 7am this morning. We’re in three different places right now. I could barely hear since we all talk too much and talk over each other but it made my day.
  2. My Dad sent me a broadcast message on Whatsapp, warning young ladies not to lose their virginity on Valentine’s day because of salad and peppersoup. Great stuff!
  3. Bye guys! See you in my next post

With Love,


P.S I really tried to write a love story today, in the spirit of Valentine’s and all that. It didn’t really work out. I decided to tell you Aunty Vicky’s story instead. It’s right below this post.





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